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Autodidactic Press is dedicated to two propositions:

  1. That lifelong learning is fundamental to living a full and interesting life.
  2. That the learning necessary to gain competence in a job or career is far, far more important than how or where it is acquired.

Self-education is the essence of genuine learning. Self-education provides the vitality that enables us to turn information into knowledge and to use it in such a way that it adds meaning to life. Indeed, without the dynamism of self-education, we fail to develop our own interests to the degree that they become driving forces in their own right. When our motivation arises from internal sources the value of lifelong learning becomes readily apparent to us.

Adult learning is more than alternative education, self-help, self-study, or training. Self-directed inquiry can free you from the cultural traps of today’s postmodern world. When you think for yourself, you take control of your life. Intellectual ability and critical thinking soon become substitutes for paper credentials. You'll enjoy a higher quality of life, make smarter career choices, and begin to see ways to better our society. Simply stated aggressive learning is the most practical guide to a passionately rewarding life.

September University
September University as an idea is a metaphor for intellectual maturity. It represents an ambitious quest on behalf of posterity.
Committed to lifelong learning as the lifeblood of democracy and the key to living life to its fullest. Dedicated to furthering education not as something you get but as something you take.


Add Learning to Your Lifestyle

Founded in 1987, by Charles D. Hayes, Autodidactic Press represents an intellectual odyssey through more than 30 years of intensive self-education. Read Self-University and then Beyond the American Dream, The Rapture of Maturity and September University you will gain a profound understanding of the concept of lifelong learning.

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